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Recobro de deudas
  • 0 a 300€: 30€ por deuda tramitada
  • 300 a 3.000€: 30€ por deuda tramitada
  • 3.000 a 30.000€: 30€ por deuda tramitada
  • 30.00 a 90.000€: 299€ por deuda tramitada
  • 90.000 a 250.000€: 599€ por deuda tramitada

Start recovery in Spain Now

Start now the process of recovery and we will begin immediately the debt collection procedures in Spain.

Debt Collection in Spain
  • Spanish national legal coverage »
  • Collection management throughout Spain.
  • Results in 20 days
  • Claim any amount
  • Legal assistance.
  • Online management 100%
  • Best recovery rates in Spain

How does cobratis work for recovery in Spain?

  • Initially you must request the recovery in this link.
  • Then, you must fill in the data of the debt collection form that will be shown to you throughout the process of creating the recovery.
  • Collection Transparency: We will instruct the debtor to make the payment of the debt directly in your bank account number. The payment of the debt is never received in bank accounts of Cobratis.
  • Once the form is completed, the next step is to pay for the service (see rates). Cobratis starts all the recovery procedures to recover its debt within approximately 20 days.
  • Our legal department contacts its debtor and claims payment of the debt and notifies the debtor of the start of legal proceedings if payment is not made within 20 days.
  • We will inform you of all the progress made in the recovery process so that you have the up-to-date information.